First Kenya…. Now Uganda!

And after Uganda, there is the prize of anti-lifers, that is the Philippines.

The anti-lifers have been trying to get the RH bill passed for many years now, but have been unsuccessful. Now they have a pro-choice President to back them up, and they are trying once again, this time being optimistic as to their chances. They know that once reproductive health and contraception are accepted, then that will inevitably lead to abortion. Their ultimate goal? Abortion on demand as a human right.

Of course the anti-lifers have not been just waiting for the RH bill to pass. They have already bypassed the legislature by working directly with LGUs, which have brought in condoms and other contraceptive devices. Make no mistake about it, the anti-lifers are determined, backed by the neo-colonialists of the western world, led by the US government. And they have a lot of money to spend.

Why are they so determined? Well, behind all this culture of death is Satan. Abortion is diabolical sacrifice of the unborn to Baal. We are into intense spiritual warfare, and the ultimate enemy is Satan.

The Catholic Church almost stands alone in fighting for life. But even within the Catholic Church, there are a lot of dissidents, the enemy within. And there are a lot of non-combatants who are unwilling to engage the enemy. These include bishops, priests and nuns who remain silent in the face of this savage onslaught.

The barbarians are at the Philippine gates, waiting to break down our barriers and mount an all-out attack on this Catholic nation. The Trojan horses are already within the country, the traitors to the cause of life. We must rise in defense of God’s work and fight for life.

Sound the trumpets! Raise the clarion call. On to battle, Christian soldiers.


Begin forwarded message:
From: Human Life International <>
Date: November 11, 2010 3:56:33 AM GMT+08:00
Subject: First Kenya … now Uganda!
First Kenya … now Uganda!

I am sending you this special email because it is a call to the people of life
in the United  States to stand with the bishops of Uganda and come to  the rescue
of their flock!

To be part of this critical effort, simply click here []
and send Human Life International a contribution that we can use to help keep Uganda

The  pro-aborts and Obama administration won a great victory recently in  Kenya.
They fooled the Kenyan people into ratifying a new constitution,  which undermines
the right to life that was enshrined in their previous  constitution.

Mark my words.  Having viciously attacked Kenya…

… the heralds of the culture of death have set their sights on Uganda!

They’ve done so for two reasons.

First,  because the people of Uganda refused to use condoms … the false  solution
of atheistic Western elitists.  Rejecting their empty promises,  the people of Uganda
embraced the Church’s loving message of abstinence  outside of marriage and fidelity
within it.  As a result, the  percentage of adults infected with HIV/AIDS has plummeted
from 15% in  1991 to 4.1% today.

And second, because Uganda’s Constitution “affirms and protects the right to life
of that most vulnerable of human persons, the unborn child.”

Enraged  over Uganda’s strong pro-life ethic, anti-life extremists want to blow
up their Constitution and replace it with one that enshrines abortion as  a legal
right … just like they did in Kenya.

And now they have the weapon to do that!

It’s called the Maputo Protocol.

Despite  a clear warning from their bishops, leaders of Uganda’s government  signed
on to the Protocol this past July.  In doing so, they agreed to  abide by the mandates
of the Protocol; including the deadly Article 14.2!

Under  the heading “Health and Reproductive Rights,” this article mandates  that
signers of the Protocol protect a woman’s “reproductive rights.”   It further authorizes
“medical abortion in cases of sexual assault,  rape, incest, and where the continued
pregnancy endangers the mental and  physical health of the mother or the life of
the mother or the fetus.”

In other words …


Fortunately  for the people of Uganda, their courageous bishops continue to speak
out against this attack on innocent human life and provide inspirational  leadership
for the people.

But they cannot possibly win this fight without our help.

That’s why I am calling on you to click here []
and join Human Life International as we stand with the bishops and people to keep
Uganda pro-life and abortion-free!

I have committed $16,000 of HLI’s extremely limited resources to help Emil Hagamu
– HLI’s Regional Coordinator for Eastern Africa – open a new HLI affiliate in Uganda.
Emil has already found the man who will direct HLI-Uganda: Fr. Jonathan  Opio.
Father Jonathan is a pro-life dynamo who has put together an  energetic team of
pro-life missionaries that is traveling throughout  Uganda preaching the Gospel
of Life.

In  just the last three months his team has conducted life-affirming  programs at
four major schools and several parishes.  Workshops have  attracted people from
all walks of life: doctors, nurses, bankers, counselors, social workers, traders,
government workers … and even policemen.

During  a pro-life awareness program Fr. Jonathan conducted at St. Austin’s  Parish
in Mbale, a woman came forward with her testimony of how she had  been subjected
to a botched abortion and how her baby had miraculously  survived.

The  woman then surprised everyone and introduced that abortion survivor to  the
audience: her child, who is a living witness to the joy of life!

That very day a pro-life club was formed at St. Austin’s!

That’s  typical of the impact Fr. Jonathan and his fellow pro-life missionaries
are having throughout Uganda.  That’s because the people of this  country are staunchly
pro-life.  They do not want abortion.  And they  are willing to fight to keep Uganda

And HLI is committed to helping them.

In  addition to forming HLI-Uganda, Dr. Brian Clowes – HLI’s Director of  Research
and Education – will go to Uganda in early December to conduct  pro-life training
sessions.  Here’s his tentative schedule:

* Dec 8: Talks during the training of regional pro-life leaders in Uganda
*  Dec 9 and 11: Talks during the Youth Conference that over 2,000 young people
are expected to attend!
* Dec  10: Meeting with Archbishop, His Grace, Denis Kiwanuka Lote, Chairman  of
the Lay Apostolate Commission of the Uganda Catholic Secretariat
* Dec 12: Address all those gathered for the official opening of HLI-Uganda.
* Dec 14 – 15: Conduct a training workshop for married couples.

As you can see, HLI is pulling out the stops to defend the people of Uganda.

I beg you to join us as we fly to their aid!

Click here []
to be a part of this important fight and help HLI train, organize and equip Uganda’s
pro-life resistance movement!

And remember to PRAY to the Guardian Angel of Uganda!

By  taking these two actions, you will give the bishops of Uganda the  support they
need to keep the international abortion movement from  imposing abortion upon their

Thank  you for your critically needed help today.  I will send you periodic  updates
of all that you are helping Fr. Jonathan and HLI-Uganda do to  keep Uganda abortion-free.

And know that in heartfelt gratitude for your support, I will remember you at each
Mass that I offer.  God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carámbula
Interim President, Human Life International

Human Life International – 4 Family Life Lane – Front Royal, VA  22630   U.S.A.
800-549-LIFE – Fax: 540-622-6247 – E-Mail:
Copyright  © 2010 Human Life International, Inc. All rights reserved.

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21)


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