(Part 10)


December 29, 2010

Today‚s reading
Psalm 96:1-6

We are now just two days away from the end of the year. The season of rest is about to end. We have been refreshed. We have welcomed Jesus who is the Savior. We have reflected on why he came into the world. Since there is much work to be done, we must hit the ground running in 2011.

We are an evangelistic and missionary community. We exist to evangelize. Our reason for being is to become God‚s instruments to bring the good news of salvation in Jesus to the whole world. This is awesome work, the very divine work of God. As such, we look to God‚s strength.

And God indeed is Almighty and Omnipotent. „Great is the Lord‰ (Ps 96:4a). He is Creator, who „made the heavens.‰ (Ps 96:5b). „Splendor and power go before him; power and grandeur are in his holy place.‰ (Ps 96:6). As such, He is „to be feared above all gods.‰ (Ps 96:4b). To God we owe awe.

And what is God‚s intent? For the whole world to know Him and praise Him for His glory. For His salvation to be experienced in the lives of people. How will this happen? Awesome God that He is, He depends on His people. It is we who proclaim Him and „announce his salvation‰ (Ps 96:2b).

We are called to do rapid, massive and worldwide evangelization. God‚s intent is to reach „all the earth … among the nations, among all peoples‰ (Ps 96:1b,3b). Thus we are to give our all in this work. There is much that needs to be done. We are to „announce his salvation day after day.‰ (Ps 96:2b). In season or out of season. Without let-up. We are to be tireless and relentless workers for the Kingdom. This is our privilege; this is our responsibility.

A new year is coming, but the same work that we have been doing for almost 30 years continues. We „sing to the Lord a new song‰ (Ps 96:1a), but we simply continue to live out our original charism, given at the very start. We have relied on God‚s strength, but now we appreciate more what that really means, and so now, more than ever before, our God will be our strength.

*     *     *

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